Our Companies



As a group, 121 Group draws upon the deep specialisations of each of our companies to deliver a full suite of business solutions.

Search Insights is a boutique agency that works across digital marketing channels within the B2C e-commerce space. The agency’s in-depth strategic approach accounts for exceptional, industry-leading results.

Nerdster is the premier provider of web hosting and web development to businesses within Australia. The company delivers an industry-leading level of technical service and support to its clients, ensuring a seamless, clockwork performance of their client websites.

Brand One is a full service agency with a track record of building commercially successful strategies for businesses large and small. It’s strength is its ability to combine strong creative with the right mediums at the right time to deliver the best results.

121 Outsource helps Australian businesses grow with the assistance of offshore managed resources which allows them to grow and be more competitive.121 Outsource your business scaling partner. In a time where growing your business can be difficult, 121 Outsource plugs in the right talent into your business which will make the next step in your business easier.

At 121 group, we support all our companies by upholding the 3Cs:

Our culture of cohesion is synthesised through our collective ambition to perform and deliver measurable, outstanding results.

The 121 Group emphasises a culture of aligning a unique yet diverse set of talents to deliver effective business solutions for our clients with accountability and accessibility.

We achieve unity through open communication practices between our companies.