Our Companies



As a group, 121 Group draws upon the deep specialisations of each of our companies to deliver a full suite of business solutions.

Search Insights is a boutique agency that works across digital marketing channels within the B2C e-commerce space. The agency’s in-depth strategic approach accounts for exceptional, industry-leading results.

Nerdster is the premier provider of web hosting and web development to businesses within Australia. The company delivers an industry-leading level of technical service and support to its clients, ensuring a seamless, clockwork performance of their client websites.

At 121 group, we support all our companies by upholding the 3Cs:

Our culture of cohesion is synthesised through our collective ambition to perform and deliver measurable, outstanding results.

The 121 Group emphasises a culture of aligning a unique yet diverse set of talents to deliver effective business solutions for our clients with accountability and accessibility.

We achieve unity through open communication practices between our companies.